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(Small Universes;

actual size about 8” x 10”)

Bruce Price is a novelist, painter, poet and education activist.

Born in Norfolk; graduated from Norfolk Academy and Princeton. Lived in Manhattan for many years. Author of five books. Operated small design firm (Word-Wise Creative)--still going. Has had 6 solo art shows.

Returned to Norfolk in 1996. Focused on digital art and got in 35 juried art shows in a dozen states (Gallery 1). Wrecked left hand from so much digital; explored Extreme Drawing with right hand (Gallery 2).

Aesthetic in all arts is somewhat avant-garde, playful, and experimental. The practices of a lifetime have culminated in the paintings/constructions called Small Universes (Gallery 3).

Aside from the arts, main passion is Improve-Education.org, which is now up to 55 articles and 105,000 words of original content about robots, sophistry, Latin, phonics, 1984, Pavlov, birds, design, and the foolish things that the Education Establishment does. Education work led to book: THE EDUCATION ENIGMA--What Happened To American Education.

Member of PEN and Mensa. Listed in Who’s Who.


Word-Wise Modern: 757-455-5020